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Indoor Training – Central Park Athletics

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

Caboto Soccer,

We are ready to go indoors and continue our training with the teams. We appreciate everyone’s continued support and commitment during this difficult time.

Both clubs have continued to review and consult professional resources regarding COVID-19 process, protocol and strategic plan as a whole. Working with Central Park we have the following protocols set in place to ensure the safety environment possible for our players, coaches, managers and families. Please review below.

Caboto Soccer and Liverpool

Central Park Athletics

Entrance and Exit Procedure



· Each Field has its own separate entrance and separate exit.

· Be sure to know what time and what field your team will be training on. This is important for filling out the Central Park Waiver and Health Checks and for quick check in upon arrival to Central Park.

· Always arrive no earlier than 15 minutes prior to the start of training.

· Players must arrive fully prepared for training. There are no areas for getting ready.

· Players must wear masks/gaiters to enter the facility and when waiting to gain access to the field. Once they are on the field for training, the face coverings are optional.

· Before your first practice indoor every player must complete the form for CPA. Please click on the link, read through the Health Safety Form and submit.

· Form #1 – Health Safety:

Game Day Process:

1. Before 4pm on the day of your practice (Monday to Friday) or an hour before arrival (Saturdays), please complete the following:

a. TeamSnap Health Check

b. Central Park Athletics Waiver and Health Check –

2. Upon arrival, please park your vehicle, put on masks or gaiters and make your way to the check-in desk at the appropriate entrance to your team’s training field. We do not want cars stopped in the main roadway as this will cause confusion, delays and potential safety issues with children crossing the parking lot.

3. At the check-in table, CPA will review if you have completed the Central Park Athletics Waiver and Health Check. If so, your child will be allowed into the facility and will wait in a predetermined area as the previous training session concludes. If you have not completed the waivers, you will be asked to complete them before your child will be allowed to enter.

4. Once the field has been cleared, the Head Coach or Manager will review TeamSnap Health Checks and then allow the players onto the Field with all their belongings once those have been cleared.

5. Parents for players aged 2010 and older will be asked to refrain from entering the facility unless there is a medical or other need for your presence.

6. 2012 and 2011 players will have allowances for 1 parent. This will be discussed with each individual coach in order to coordinate.

7. 2013/14 age groups may have 1 parent per player attend. Parents in attendance must wear a face covering for the entire time they are in the facility.

8. Each player will place their belongings distanced from other players.

9. During water breaks, players will socially distance.

10. 5 minutes prior to the end of the training session, the coach and players will vacate the field with all of their belongings and exit their field via the appropriate separate exit.

We look forward to starting our indoor season and we strive to making sure that everyone is safe and healthy.

Thank you for your support and patience.

Egidio Mosca

President Caboto Soccer


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