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Caboto Soccer Family – Players, Parents, Coaches and Managers,

COVID-19 Update #4


We have been notified by our Governing Body, Ontario Soccer, that all soccer events scheduled in the month of May will be cancelled or rescheduled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

What does this Mean for Caboto Soccer Club and its Members?

At this time, the Essex County Soccer League has confirmed it’s efforts to reschedule all games and events into June and beyond. Any tournaments or festivals are being moved as well to later in the year.

Caboto Soccer will be providing additional information to all it’s members as it becomes available but we are continuing with plans for a delayed start to the season.

As we await the approval to resume soccer activities, please encourage your child’s engagement in the Caboto Soccer Home Training Program and don’t forget to submit your entries.

For more information on Ontario Soccer Communications, please see link below.

Stay safe and continue to follow recommended efforts to reduce this pandemic threat.


Egidio Mosca


President – G. Caboto Soccer Club

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